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Wonderous Logo templates Review & FREEBIE

I’m a big fan of Nelson Long and his SuperGoodProducts PowerPoint templates and other video tools & resources!

Check out this big collection of animated logos ==> Wonderous Logos

Here’s my full review of the package along with tips & ideas for using these templates even if you are NOT interested in a logo:

[s3vpp id=ea1e7725b12bfbe15d72905dc4fc51d9]


And CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREEBIE: Bulb Logo Template and Swipes

I also included the YouTube Subscribe asset I demoed and the “glitch” typography effect you can add to your swipe files. NOTE: These are “hidden” slides in the file. Just Copy/Paste them into your own slide decks.

Nelson always does some very innovative work. Most of these templates use the Morph transition to make animations super easy.

The front end offer includes 150 templates with lots of elements (like cool text typography effects) that you can swipe as I explained in the video.

The optional One Time Offer (OTO) has a couple hundred MORE templates as well!


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