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Wizard Design Pro Review


This week, I’m reviewing a bundle of design elements for PowerPoint called Wizard Design Pro. Check them out HERE: Wizard Design Pro.

Let’s start off with a freebie to get our feet wet with these from the developer Arif  Chandra:


Next, let’s dispense with the usual hype & nonsense of the sales page and emails you may get from other marketers: You probably WON’T be able to make stunning videos in just minutes with no skills whatsoever…sorry! And…no…it is NOT the “most user-friendly video & design maker of 2016”

What is IS however is a set (a huge bundle actually) of very well designed PowerPoint assets that, with a little effort, can be made into pretty stunning video content. Here’s a sample video I made that took me about an hour & half to pull together using one of the templates in the main offer:

Here are a few notes about this effort:

  1. There is an embedded video clip in the template with animation that I had to ditch because I have no idea how to swap it out with my own clip (still trying to find out if there is a way to do this). Not really a huge problem since I always pull PowerPoint template videos into Camtasia and edit…I just added my clip in there.
  2. The template has a music track embedded in the first slide (very typical) which I exported (right-click on it…Save Media As to my hard drive) and then deleted from the slide deck. I pulled the music track into Camtasia and used it in my first test…uploaded this video to Facebook…and got a copyright violation! I highly recommend using only your own music tracks that you know you have royalty-free rights to.
  3. Those two issues aside, the template was pretty much a breeze to modify and Export as a video clip.

The bundle has WAY too much stuff to get into individually. I recommend checking out the page above for details.

Arif also compiled a hefty bunch of bonuses (including some templates with White Label Rights!) for me that you can check out on this page:

==> Lon’s Bonuses for Wizard Design Pro

The offer has a couple of options. The typical Front End (FE) and a One-Time-Offer (OTO). You can check out the OTO here: http://vidinstant.com/upgrade-pro-version/

Keep in mind that if you want Developer Rights (i.e. sell final videos to clients), you’ll need the OTO. I’m not a big fan of that practice but it’s fairly standard.

As is the case with most of my Indonesian PowerPoint friends, the tutorials are pretty weak…just a bunch of mouse-pointing set to music. I was able to get the general idea of what to do after watching them a couple of times but don’t expect top-notch training. Ya…I know…well, maybe one of these days these guys will just hire me to do some real tutorials for them 😉

The last thing I’ll mention is something that isn’t specific to these templates but to literally ALL the PowerPoint video templates I have purchased (Levidio, Video Revolver, etc.) and that is:

Most templates have “timed” animations that make things move (objects, transitions, slide advances, etc.) automatically. If you are trying to make a truly custom video…this is a pain in the butt! Especially if you want narration instead of just a music background.

I’ve talked about this many times and have a couple of tutorials that might be useful for using templates like these in general (these are about the Levidio templates but applicable for Wizard as well):

Overall, Wizard Design Pro is a very decent library of assets at a really good price!

Hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

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