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Template Tutorial: Video Camera Viewfinder Overlay

PowerPoint templates from folks like Levidio, SuperGood, Decinema, etc. are famous for their excellent design and flashy animations & effects.

Here’s another collection from another dude named Azam Dzulfikar called Exovidio FX.

You can check them out HERE: ExoVidio FX Collection


But what I want to cover in this tutorial is a more in-depth (and yes, a more advanced) look at how we can use templates like this to create specific CONTENT we can use in many projects as opposed to just trying to make a video message “fit” into a set of fancy slides.

So, I got permission to give away one of the interesting templates in Azam’s product for you to download and follow along with.

PLUS, we’re going to use this cool overlay asset in both PowerPoint AND Camtasia!

Here’s my tutorial on how I deconstructed the techniques I used to create those customized assets and made the template even easier to use (and re-use):


There is no need to go through all the steps I showed in the tutorial. Your free download has the modified template, fonts, and MP4 video for Camtasia all ready to use.

Enjoy and be sure to check out all the ExoVidio templates and assets that you can also modify using my techniques to create a BUNCH of custom, easily re-usable things for your video creation toolbox: https://pptvideo.com/exovidio


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