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SmartSlide Pro Review

My buddy Arif Chandra of VidInstant has a HUGE package of PowerPoint templates.

CHECK OUT ==> SmartSlide Pro

Here’s my full review with some tips, tricks, and a FREEBIE for you.

CHECK OUT ==> SmartSlide Pro

This collection includes a massive amount of content:

  • 2560×1440 Full HD, 16:9 slide formats
  • 810+ Unique custom slides to mix & match into your custom presentation
  • Full Animation (build and Transition)
  • Fully Editable (shapes, icons, mockup)


This collection has a massive amount of slide content. I like that it is broken up into “categories” of different slide types such as Openers (Title slides), About Us, Contact Us, Timelines, etc. with each category having 20 nicely designed slides to choose from.

Frankly, you can now find these kinds of collections on sites like for about $15 but there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, is the very vague rights about what you can do with the templates. Their “Regular License” reads like this: “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee”. What does that even mean really?

Want to use the template (a single time) for a client and charge for it? Then the price jumps to $99…

To get a SmartSlide Developer License you need to purchase the OTO for about $30 some dollars but coupled with the bonuses it’s and even better value than other collections.

I LOVE the huge number of PowerPoint “Layouts” that are included! And the other big plus is TONS of cool graphics & elements you can copy / paste, swipe / steal.


The biggest drawback with not just this collection but EVERY set from pretty much EVERY developer is the constant littering of well design slides with useless tiny-tiny blocks of text!

I would never use such a slide design in a live presentation or PowerPoint video…

So, there is some rework (as I show in the tutorial) that isn’t TOO painful but is rather unnecessary IHMO if the slides were designed differently to begin with…

I’ve put together a free sample pack of slides for you to play with:

DOWNLOAD ==> SmartSlides Sample Pack


Ya…this is a good deal because of the massive amount of content and bonuses included.

That’s it for now…enjoy!

Leave your questions and comments. 😉







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