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FINALLY! Top Notch Tutorials For Advanced PowerPoint Templates  

You’ve purchased the templates…Now Learn How To REALLY USE Them!

PowerPoint Templates are AWESOME!

The GOOD News

There are SO many amazing PowerPoint Templates out there these days from some VERY talented developers like the folks at Levidio, Videoowide, Decinema, Xinemax, SuperGoodProduct, DeSafa just to name a few. They are MARVELS of design and animation. And all of the work is already done for us!

The BAD News

You WILL need some specific skills in PowerPoint to use them SUCCESSFULLY to create your own customized videos and presentations.

Introducing: PowerPoint Template Mastery!

Learn from a Top PowerPoint Expert how to modify advanced templates like a pro with awesome results.

What’s Inside the Course?

The PowerPoint Template Mastery Course begins with 4 recorded master-class webinar training sessions. All edited & polished, ready for you to go through at your convenience. You can watch each from start-to-finish or use the built-in Table Of Contents to easily watch (or review) specific topics listed below: 

MODULE 1: Getting Started RIGHT!

In this Module, I’ll give you a Course Overview on how to best benefit from the training and cover these additional topics:

  • About PowerPoint Templates
  • Project Planning
  • Processes for ALL templates
  • Critical Skills & Tools
  • Exporting as Video

MODULE 3: Video Clips & Text

Replacing video clips in templates that have them is easy IF you know how. Working with text is a HUGE part of modifying templates. I’ll show you how:

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

MODULE 2: Images & Graphics

Graphics & Images are at the heart of almost all templates. And there are some IMPORTANT things to know about them that you probably don’t!

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

MODULE 4: Things that move & more

There are a lot of “moving parts” to great templates. Literally! What you can do with animations & transitions (and what you should NOT do) along with extra topics:

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element


What They Say about the Course

“Ask your readers what they found most interesting about

 the book.”

Julie Foucher

“Ask them why they hesitated to sign up (it will show common objections.)”

Tobias Hardy

About Your Instructor

Lon Naylor

As a Senior Engineer at Microsoft through the decade of the 90’s, I’ve been using PowerPoint for Windows since before it shipped to the public in 1990.

And I’ve literally been teaching folks just like you to use it ever since!

Over those 30+ years, I’ve created & delivered over a thousand presentations & training sessions.

I’ve presented live on-stage on several occasions with former President & CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, trained the IT departments of major Fortune 500 companies, and delivered technical briefings and product launch presentations to many thousands of folks.

And I was one of the first to master the use of PowerPoint to create video content and the advanced templates we’re talking about.

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