PTM Resources – PPTVideos


Templates are great but there are LOTS of other resources we can use to make better PowerPoint presentations and videos! Here are my hand-picked, battle-tested favorites PLUS any reference materials, slide decks, training material mentioned in the Modules.

Course Resources

Microsoft Office 365

I highly recommend that you invest in PowerPoint as a business tool with the Office 365 subscription.

  • Stay up-to-date automatically
  • Improvements added frequently
  • Cool new features like Morph

Video Planning Guide

Do some planning BEFORE you start creating your videos and save yourself a ton of headaches.

  • Video Creation Workflow
  • Video Goals
  • The “Hook” and Call To Action

Standard Operating Procedures Checklist

This is a super short checklist of the things I do when starting to work on a template project.

  • How to Start
  • What to Look for
  • Tips & Tricks

Decinema Reactive Template Slideshow 12

In Module 1, I introduced concepts for figuring out templates and how to modify them. Here’s the template to follow along with and practice.

  • Practice Template
  • Learn concepts
  • Make a cool slideshow video today!

Graphics Resources


Pexels is one of my favorite resources for free to use royalty free images & video clips.

  • Stunning photography images
  • Quality video clips
  • Commercial Rights included


Pixabay (like Pexels) is now owned by the graphics company Canva. More great images & video clips.

  • Amazing selection
  • Copy & Paste into PowerPoint
  • Image search engine


The original royalty-free photography sharing site. Still amazing!

  • Wallpapers, textures, patterns
  • Copyright 0 – Public domain
  • Excellent variety

Must have FREE online background removal tool for images.

  • EASY Drag & Drop
  • Spectacular removal
  • Low cost hi-res option, editing, and other background options

Recommended Templates

#1 PICK: SuperPower PPT

The SuperPower PPT Membership from our good friend Nelson Long of SuperGood Products is my favorite pick for the biggest variety and best value in PowerPoint Video templates! It’s a cloud-based library of thousands of excellent templates with commercial rights and no download limits. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Levidio Motion Pro

Creating animated “explainer videos” with PowerPoint is a great tool to have in your video toolbox. Motion Pro has LOTS of excellent slides and assets (like Titles, Lower Thirds, animated characters, etc.) ready to use.

Magic Video 3.0

This collection has a lot of my “go-to” templates. Great animation and design, easy to use, fun and interesting. I find myself using these a lot over and over again.

Decinema Extreme

Awesome slide shows, nice cinematic effects, promo videos, typography, real estate showcases, and more. A great full featured and versatile bundle for sure.

Videoowide Vol. 4

My good buddies Bayu and Sam over at Videoowide create some of the most innovative and beautiful designs anywhere. This awesome bundle is no exception.

DeSafa Graphic Alta

Social media is a great place to post your PowerPoint videos! This collection from Desafa Media is called Graphic Alta and it’s packed with beautifully designed social media video templates. PLUS, I LOVE the beautiful design and “Typography” toolkits. Great collection!