PTM Module 4 – PPTVideos


Animations, Transitions, and Extras

What you need to know about animations and transitions PLUS Extra PowerPoint elements & templates

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Module 4 Resources

Slide “Timing” Tutorial

One of the biggest issues with advanced PowerPoint templates can be: Making slides stay on screen LONGER than the developers designed them to stay. In this tutorial I outline the problem and show some tips to help. Video will open in a New Tab. Just Close Tab when finished.


A great place to find sound effects, audio loops, and other audio clips for your PowerPoint projects. Basically, a search engine for audio effects content.

MaxSlides Free Sample & Tutorial

Corporate-style templates can be very useful for creating a wide range of PowerPoint presentation content. Check out the complete MaxSlides Collection HERE.

PowerPoint Video Creators Facebook Group

This is where you can go to stay up-to-date with the latest tutorials and resources, ask questions, interact with your peers, get feedback & reviews of your work, and more. Just Request To Join.

NOTE: This group is NOT for you to post your PowerPoint tutorial videos to grow your YouTube channel! All posts require moderator approval and those will be deleted.