PTM Module 2 – PPTVideos


Images & Graphics

Images and graphics are main elements in almost all templates. There are some BIG concepts you need to know to work with them successfully.

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Module 2 Resources

Sample Slides Presentation Deck

This is the sample PowerPoint template I used in the Module tutorial and presentation. I use this slide deck throughout the training. If you want to look at any specific things I did and/or try any of the techniques I demonstrated, this is a good “scratch” or practice resource.

“Layouts” Tutorial

Layouts in PowerPoint are created by developers in the Slide Master of the presentation deck. For the most part, you won’t have to worry about what they are or how they are created but if you want some details and tips check out this tutorial.

Video will open in a New Tab. Just Close Tab when finished.

“Cut-out” Image Libraries

As I mentioned in the session, there are LOTS of resources for transparent cut-out images done by professional graphics designers. Here are some really good collections:

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE tools! It’s an Online resource that almost instantly “removes backgrounds” from images with people, animals, products, cars. FREE to use for medium resolution images and just pennies for High-Res downloads.