PTM Module 1 – PPTVideos


Getting Started Right

Before you start actually working with PowerPoint templates, there are some critical things to know and consider that will greatly improve your overall end results. DO take the time to go over this material to avoid future frustration and get started on the right path.

Video module will open in a New Tab. Just close the tab when finished.

Module Resources

Planning Tips

EVERY video or presentation you create begins with some kind of plan. If you have NO plan? Well…that’s your plan! Planning is a tough topic because it is mostly a matter of personal preference, your organizational style, etc.

In this session, I’ll give you some of the top concepts to incorporate into your planning strategy and process. Video will open in a New Tab. Just Close Tab when finished.

Standard Operation Procedures Checklist

This is the simple “checklist” of things I do to determine how to work with any given template I open to modify. These steps can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Decinema Reactive Slideshow #12

Download and extract this sample template I demonstrated in the tutorial and in just a few minutes you will have your own really cool slideshow video!