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PowerPoint Effects That Bring Text To Life

PowerPoint is one of our favorite video content and graphics creation tools!

Here are two really sweet little known effects that are super easy you can use to (literally) help bring simple text to life – at least visually:

This trick uses the PowerPoint “Subtract” Merge feature to insert a picture inside of text. Did I mention that it is REALLY easy? It is! Once you know how. 😉


This next tutorial shows you how to create text that is basically “transparent” in that you can put it on top of any other elements (in either PowerPoint or Camtasia) and use it as a “mask”.

Again, really easy and very powerful visually. Use your imagination and see what creative uses you can come up with.

In fact, I used this technique in an experiment I did on using the new Camtasia 9 to create a “typography” video. Check this out and see if you can spot where I used the effect:

Pretty cool, eh? Yes, it’s a bit more advanced but, as you can see, the results are very interesting.

Both of these tricks come from our:

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  • I was so excited to see how this was done and when I sat down to do it… well I have Ppt 2010. So I found a video that walks through how to do it… it didn’t work, could not get the Combine Tools to be clickable in my ribbon. Found another instructional section from a real MS person, same info and did not work. Any change you know how to do this in 2010? Cant upgrade yet even though 2010 is killing me for these same reasons. Love to hear back. anyway, the information is still AWESOME, thanks for sharing it.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Jeanne, I can’t recall specifically but I do think that it isn’t supported in 2010. The features came out in the 2013 version. I’m not aware of a way to do it in 2010 and I don’t have it installed anymore to check. Sorry!

    • Bob Rahke says:

      I had the same issue with Ppt 2010. While it is not as user friendly as Lon’s method using Ppt 2013 you can get the same results. There is something about 2010 that doesn’t recognize everything 2013 does as a shape which is why ‘Combine Shapes’ is not always usable. I created the text and then used the ‘text fill’ option in the Drawing Tools toolbar using the picture to fill the text for the first example. For the second example, I just created text on a plain color filled background and saved it as a PNG. I then took the PNG into Adobe photoshop elements and removed the text background for each individual letter which left a template with the letters “cut out”. Again, not as user friendly as Ppt 2013 but for those of us not yet ready to move on to 2013 it can serve as a work around.

    • Hi Jeanne. In PPT 2010, you need to customize the quick-access toolbar to add the “shape combine” tools. There’s a link that shows you how to do that in this post of mine.

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