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PowerPoint Effects That Bring Text To Life

PowerPoint is one of our favorite video content and graphics creation tools!

Here are two really sweet little known effects that are super easy you can use to (literally) help bring simple text to life – at least visually:

This trick uses the PowerPoint “Subtract” Merge feature to insert a picture inside of text. Did I mention that it is REALLY easy? It is! Once you know how. 😉


This next tutorial shows you how to create text that is basically “transparent” in that you can put it on top of any other elements (in either PowerPoint or Camtasia) and use it as a “mask”.

Again, really easy and very powerful visually. Use your imagination and see what creative uses you can come up with.

In fact, I used this technique in an experiment I did on using the new Camtasia 9 to create a “typography” video. Check this out and see if you can spot where I used the effect:

Pretty cool, eh? Yes, it’s a bit more advanced but, as you can see, the results are very interesting.

Both of these tricks come from our:

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