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Levidio Motion Pro

The Motion Pro collection of PowerPoint templates from our friends at Levidio has some really interesting assets.

CHECK THEM OUT HERE ==> Levidio Motion Pro Templates

Some of my favorite features:

  1. Actually GOOD Explainer videos for niches with really well written scripts including Voice Overs – with awesome animations!
  2. Better Layer naming (thank you!!)
  3. Pretty decent tutorials in understandable English
  4. “Neon” Text Effect templates
  5. Well done animated characters you can Copy / Paste
  6. Nice Logo Opener templates
  7. Title text animations
  8. Lower Third animations
  9. Motion Shape Effects
  10. “Flash” effect for a color burst or transitions
  11. Sleek looking sliding “glass” transitions
  12. Excellent social media “Quotes” templates
  13. Lots of other graphics resources for PowerPoint or Camtasia

This is a massive value in terms of assets that can be re-used in almost any presentation project and will increase your video toolbox by multiples. 😉


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