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Levidio Cinemagic V2 Review

My good friends at Levidio have released another excellent PowerPoint Video and Graphics package:

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I have to say…this is my FAVORITE Levidio package!

Here’s my quick review with a couple of extra tips & tricks:


  1. There are actually some decent tutorials in very understandable English!
  2. Not only that, there are tutorials for MANY of the individual templates, not just a very generic one. This is VERY HELPFUL!
  3. The guys have added Descriptive labels for items in the Selection Pane to make it easier to identify WHAT you need to modify. Finally! What a time & frustration saver.
  4. You can use LOTS of the template content (like Transitions, Lower Thirds, Subscribe Buttons, End Screens, etc.) in Camtasia also.

For example, here are just a few YouTube Subscribe animations I created in the Subscribes template, changed the background to green (RGB 0,255,0), modified my pictures & text, and Exported as video. I then pull the video clips into Camtasia and used the Remove Background effect on the green screen and BOOM! Instant YouTube assets for my channel that I added to my Camtasia Library to use anytime.

Here’s what’s included in the NEW Levidio Cinemagic VOLUME 2

[+] 10 Dynamic Video Templates
[+] 16 YouTube Video Templates
[+] 93 Video Thumbnails
[+] 60 Channel Arts
[+] 10 Subscribe Animations
[+] 10 End Screen Video Templates
[+] 224 Lower Third Templates
[+] 10 Logo Opener Templates
[+] 30+ Motion Elements and Video Transitions
[+] 5 Countdown Timer Video Templates

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Follow this tutorial:




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