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FREE YouTube Subscribe Assets

I’ve got another cool freebie for you today!

Here’s a sample pack of 5 cool “Subscribe” animated graphics for your YouTube videos.

CHECK OUT THE COMPLETE PACKAGE ==> Envidio 2.0 YouTuber Things

Creating PowerPoint videos that you upload to YouTube is an awesome way to get exposure. If you make videos? You MUST be on the platform where people are searching for your content…YouTube!

One way to grow your channel is to get more Subscribers and a great way to get more of those is to simply ASK them to subscribe.

Here’s your tutorial and sample slide deck:


These subtle visual cues let you do just that in a gently non-spammy way (that people will appreciate) and still get the job done.

They are super easy to add to any PowerPoint video you want to upload to YouTube!

Inside Envidio 2.0 you’ll get:

[+] 14 Multipurpose Studio Quality Video Templates
[+] 14 Dramatic Video Opener Templates
[+] 15 Endscreen Video Templates
[+] 20 Subscribe Animations
[+] 15 Animated Info Bars
[+] 15 Animated Lower Thirds
[+] 10 Animated Link Bars
[+] Attractive Transitions
[+] 40 High CTR Video Thumbnails

Lots of excellent assets!




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