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Even EASIER than PowerPoint? Reevio 3.0 Review

Reevio is an online video content creation tool. With it you can create awesome logo intros, promo videos, social media videos, mock-up videos, slideshows, etc. And they are STUNNING!

CHECK OUT ==> Reevio 3.0

Here’s a sample demo reel I created:

The really good news is: You can get access to Reevio for a ONE-TIME fee instead of paying monthly like most other services like this (Viddyoze, Shakr, etc.)

Plus, until 10/11/2019, get $20 off any plan with the coupon code: R20

You can even try it out for FREE! ==> Reevio 3.0

The new version has some really interesting templates they are calling “Scroll Stoppers”. Here’s a quick sample:

Frankly, I find Reevio even easier than PowerPoint for creating awesome slideshows, promo videos, logos, title clips…all kinds of stuff!

I’ve been a Reevio user since Day 1. I absolutely loved the design, animation, and ease of use. But frankly? In the beginning, there were problems with rendering, crashes, and the typical issues with compute-intensive applications running in the cloud…

I’m pleased to say that with the release of the latest version 3.0…I am  a MUCH happier user!

Render times are now completely acceptable and I haven’t had any of them hang.

Like all online video creators, there are periodic little glitches but one thing has been consistent since the beginning: They are relentless about addressing issues, making improvements, adding functionality, and supporting their users. This goes a LONG way in my book…

On the downside, Reevio used to provide unlimited renders but now you get a fixed number of videos per month (Starter Plan: 15 and Pro Plan: 40) BUT they only count videos that you actually download. So, you can create as many as you want, tweak, revise, preview until it’s perfect and THEN download.

Reevio 3.0 will definitely make my Top Video Tools List for 2019. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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