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Cool “Visual Communication” Slide Templates

Every once in awhile, my PowerPoint template developer friends come up with something new and interestingly different.

Here’s a good example!

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What is a “Visual Communication” slide deck?

In general, a visual communication is described as using an infographic design to convey information easily. These are very popular, totally eye-catching, beautifully designed, and let you create your content in a nice variety of formats and a variety of platforms.

I haven’t really seen GOOD “infographic” templates before (hence the new & different statement).Inside the Graphyfy Modules :

  • 20 Infographic templates equipped with real content from several reliable sources that match the theme
  • 20 Video Promo according to the infographic so that it can display attractive visual animations
  • 20 Instagram Grid template
  • 20 Instagram Microblog templates 
  • 20 Square Ad banner templates 
  • 20 Stories ad banner templates 
  • 270 Vector Library Asset
  • Extra BONUSES

Product Video:

And here’s a BIG PLUS: The 270 graphics Vector Library Asset is worth the price of admission alone!

With this awesome “swipe file”, you can swap out the graphics in the templates to represent your custom messages. It’s like having a visual library to help you communicate your visual story! SWEET!

The images in this library are vectors which means you can bust them apart and change the colors of any element. They are also scalable to as big or small as you want and will remain crystal clear & sharp.

I think my favorite use for these will be to create handy “Top 5 Tips Videos” to use as short, useful visual content on YouTube and other social media.

REMEMBER: You don’t HAVE to use the template content topics AS IS…easily MODIFY them to make your own Infographic videos & graphics!

And I also really like the graphics and designs which I can save as pictures and use in Camtasia as well.

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