PowerPoint Video – Color Pop and Push List Effects

I’ve got two interesting (and useful!) observations that can be used to make better PowerPoint videos for you today. Both of them are ideas I’ve borrowed (OK…ripped off) from

Andy Jenkins is a guy with mad video skills AND one of the smartest marketers around. I highly suggest you watch his latest video below and study it like I did. When you are finished, we’ll take a look at some key video tricks and I’ll show you how to do them!

WARNING: Yes, this video has no player controls and you can’t even Pause it (WTH?) so set aside about 18 minutes. It’s well worth it. Also, do NOT move your mouse outside your browser or you will be “Exit Popped” out of watching the video (WTH again!):

I’ve started my in-depth analysis of the best tips & tactics that can be “borrowed” from this excellent work. These clips are from my weekly Screencast Coaching webinar sessions. Let’s get started:

Coordinated Color “Pop” and the “Push List” Effect

I love the tactics and effects above but, of course, I’ve got a FREE TEMPLATE for you in this one:

Click HERE to get the ==> “Push List” PowerPoint video template

Here’s a link to the Color Sniffer Tool : NOTE – you do NOT need this in PowerPoint 2013 or higher. These versions have a Color Picker “Eyedropper” Tool built in.

Until then, follow along and leave a comment and share!

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