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FREE Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video Template


OK…it’s official! I REALLY like the Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video & Resource Package!

Check it all out with my bonuses HERE ==> LEVIDIO V5 POWERPOINT TEMPLATES

But here’s something pretty cool:

I talked the guys at RootPixel (the Levidio creators) into giving us a FREE TEMPLATE to play with!


Save it to your hard drive and follow these simple instructions to modify your own awesome PowerPoint Slideshow Video:


What’s the catch? NO catch! Just download it and have fun!

Well OK…call it a cool “ethical bribe” but my guess is that once you see for yourself how easy it is to make a really sweet video with the Levidio templates, you might very well want more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get a whole bunch of them (with more bonuses from me) HERE:ย LEVIDIO V5 POWERPOINT TEMPLATES

I also did a more complete REVIEW on this post for you to check out: Levidio 5 Review

Here are a couple more samples of the Levidio 5 templates I modified:


Hope you enjoy this template! Leave your questions, comments, and Share if you like.

Take care,

  • Lon Naylor


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About the Author Admin

PowerPoint Video dude

  • Munir says:

    Thank’s for your share this Free template.

    I also like to modify slide on ptt, for presentation or to making a video.

    This template really cool and easy to modify.

  • Jean says:

    Great instructions – such a big help to easily use the PowerPoint templates from Levidio.

    PS – I have a question about your instructions to export the file to create a video. When you select ‘seconds spent on each slide = 0’ PowerPoint will go through each of the animations without me having to record the slide show and click through each animation.

    Does this same technique work with ALL PowerPoint slides with animation? (I hesitate to ask after recording and clicking through many slide animations to create the video file!)

  • Mike says:

    Lon, You are always an inspiration to me when you explain how to videos.
    Simple and informative.
    Thank you for your ongoing share of knowledge.

  • Brande Morrison says:

    Can’t access the link through my work’s firewall. Can you just email it to me? Also, do you know if the V5 Levideo package is still available? When I go to pay it says the user is not available to take a payment.(???)

    • Admin says:

      Hi Brande,

      What link specifically are you having trouble with? I checked all of them in this post and they seem to work fine.

      The Levidio 5 package is still available. Thanks.

  • >