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FREE Image Background Removal Tool

Have you ever wanted to “cut yourself out” of a photo and put YOU into another background or scene?

This is a great tactic for creating some very personalized and dynamic visual content for your videos!

Here’s and interesting free online tool and my tutorial & review of (press the Play button to watch):


Check out:

It’s super easy but does have a couple of caveats currently.

  1. It only works with images that have people in them. They say they are working on expanding this to include other objects.
  2. The images you create and download are limited to 500 pixels wide so…not very hi-res.

UPDATE! now let’s you create & save HD & even 4k resolution images!

Here’s my update video (press the Play button to watch):

But still, it does a fantastic job for many images and you can get good and very useful results as opposed to Photoshop or even the Remove Background tool in PowerPoint.



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