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FREE Halloween PowerPoint video template

Here’s another free PowerPoint video template
from the Majestic v3 collection for you!

This one is very fun and is a creative way to
deliver a “seasonal” message to your viewers.

Here’s my sample of a modified version:


Save it to your hard drive, extract the contents of the ZIP file, and Install the Creepster font from the Fonts & Audio folder. Open the slide deck (I use the Standard version).

Here’s my tutorial on how to modify it:

TIP: Having a few seasonal templates in your
toolbox for things like holidays is an excellent
way to engage your viewers throughout the year!

This is a sample of the really innovative and creative templates in the Majestic Volume 3 Collection so be sure to check them all out HERE: Majestic v3 PowerPoint Templates

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

  • Lon Naylor


Create Quick and Easy Videos Using PowerPoint

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About the Author Admin

PowerPoint Video dude

  • Johan Zen says:

    I have found a lot of usefull information on your blog.
    The tutorials are great. I am planning to get into the Powerpoint video creation, to make product videos for some of the ecommerce sites I work on.
    It is not easy to decide with provider to go for.. Levidio,Magic Video 3.0, and Kick Ass Video Ads all looks amazing.
    Wich template provider would you recomend for product videos, and product ads?
    I also see You use Camtasia, is the video tool needed if I just want to make product videos?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Johan,

      Thanks! That’s a tough question made even more difficult by the fact that each has many different collections to choose from. Pretty much any of those can be used if you have a strong working knowledge of PowerPoint. I’d suggest picking one that might suit the needs of your potential clients (meaning do some market research to see what they need/want) and working on some samples to add to your portfolio.

      I almost never complete a final video in PowerPoint alone because as a video editing program, it sucks. But it IS great for content creation. I use Camtasia because it’s easy, flexible, and cost effective.

      PowerPoint is OK for making slide show videos set to music but a good sales video should include other elements like narration, camera video (when applicable), subtitles, etc. and that’s where you need a true time line with multiple tracks to put everything together.

      Hope that helps!
      – Lon

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