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4 Cool PowerPoint Tips

As part of our on-going commitment to the PowerPoint Video Mastery training course, I’m always coming up with new tips and ideas to help make you a better PowerPoint video creator.

Here are 4 quick tips to add to your PowerPoint skill set:


Tip #1:

Did you know you can change the Default shape and text formatting in a slide deck? How many times have you had to remove the outline from a shape? Or highlighted text to change the font to the one you are using for your slides? This tip solves that!

Tip #2:

The Format Painter and Animation Painter tools are great time savers! Except…you have to click their buttons to “paint” each object. Unless…you know this handy trick!

Tip #3

In the past, it was literally impossible to add transparency to an image in PowerPoint. Ugggg. Come on Microsoft! EVERY other graphics package on the planet would let you do this. Well, now you can with this new feature.

Tip #4

You can save yourself a BUNCH of time and frustration of finding the tools you want to use to customize your work by adding those frequently used tools to the Quick Access Toolbar (affectionately known as the QAT).

We hope these bite-sized chunks of training help make you a better PowerPoint video creator!

  • Lon Naylor


PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar Trick

As video creators using PowerPoint, one of the things I LOVE to do is use some of the new PowerPoint video templates coming out in recent years. Not lame & boring “corporate” and traditional slide decks but ones that are really pushing the visual and animation capabilities of PowerPoint.

You’ve seen me review and recommend these templates from several of my designer buddies in Indonesia like Levidio, Instavid, Decinema, and so on…

A couple of PPT tools are critical to being able to use & modify these kinds of templates:

  1. The Selection Pane
  2. The Animations Pane

In this tutorial, I’ll give you a sweet Quick Tip for accessing these two tools almost instantly (i.e. ONE CLICK) no matter what Ribbon Tab you happen to be on:

Being able to get around and work quickly is a big boost in productivity (and minimizing frustration & confusion) when working with advanced PowerPoint video templates!

Here are some of my favorite template bundles from top PowerPoint video designers:

  1. Levidio (with FREE template & tutorial)
  2. Magic Video 3.0 (with FREE template & tutorial)
  3. Decinema
  4. Kick Ass Videos
  5. Videoowide


  • Lon Naylor

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