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FREE PowerPoint Video Template & Tutorial

I scored another free PowerPoint video template for you! This one comes from the Decinema Reactive Collection:

CHECK OUT MY BONUSES ==> Decinema Reactive PowerPoint Video Templates

Here’s your free download and tutorial on how to modify it to make your own awesome video slide show:

  1. Click this link to download the template package ZIP file ==> DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Open the Fonts folder and install any fonts you don’t already have
  4. Open the PowerPoint file and let’s get started!


As you can see, this template uses some really beautiful design and interesting techniques!

The complete Decinema Reactive collection also has:

64  professional PowerPoint templates including:

  • Module #1 – 8 PRO-Looking Sales Videos
  • Module #2 – 12 Stunning Video Slideshows
  • Module #3 – 6 Done-for-You Presentations
  • Module #4 – 30 Modern Lower Thirds
  • Module #5 – 8 Flat Logo Openers

Overall a VERY solid bunch of quality assets for your PowerPoint Video Library!

Plus, you can get 30 EXTRA BONUS templates by using this link ==> Reactive WITH BONUSES


  • Lon Naylor


FREE Videoowide Volume 4 Video Template

The guys at Videoowide have done it again with their Volume 4 collection.

And you know I scored a freebie for ya!

Here’s your tutorial on how to modify this very sweet template:



These are pretty darn awesome!

Get Complete Package HERE ==> Videoowide Volume 4 PowerPoint Video Templates

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 11 Amazing Video Display Templates
  • 11 High-Converting Explainer Video Templates
  • 10 High-Converting Sales Video Display Templates
  • 10 Stunning Logo Opener Video Templates
  • 10 Mesmerizing Outro Video Templates
  • 10 YouTube Subscribe Video Templates
  • 20 Modern Transition Video Pack
  • 84 Web Ads Banner Templates
  • 5 Business Infographic Templates
  • 40 Colorful Lower Third Titles
  • 100 Viral Quote Poster Templates
  • 250+ Audio Track Music Background

Leave your questions & comments!


  • Lon Naylor
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Create Quick and Easy Videos Using PowerPoint

Click here to learn more about how you can quickly create videos that look amazing: PowerPoint Video Mastery

Use this coupon code for a 50% discount: pptvideo


FREE Halloween PowerPoint video template

Here’s another free PowerPoint video template
from the Majestic v3 collection for you!

This one is very fun and is a creative way to
deliver a “seasonal” message to your viewers.

Here’s my sample of a modified version:


Save it to your hard drive, extract the contents of the ZIP file, and Install the Creepster font from the Fonts & Audio folder. Open the slide deck (I use the Standard version).

Here’s my tutorial on how to modify it:

TIP: Having a few seasonal templates in your
toolbox for things like holidays is an excellent
way to engage your viewers throughout the year!

This is a sample of the really innovative and creative templates in the Majestic Volume 3 Collection so be sure to check them all out HERE: Majestic v3 PowerPoint Templates

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

  • Lon Naylor

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Create Quick and Easy Videos Using PowerPoint

Click here to learn more about how you can quickly create videos that look amazing: PowerPoint Video Mastery


FREE GrapVidty PowerPoint Video Template

Check out the BIG bundle of nice PowerPoint video templates in Grapvidty Studio Pro + some bonuses


Here’s a sample video I made using the FREE PowerPoint video template from GrapVidty that you can download below. Then, watch the tutorial to learn how to make your own!

Here’s your tutorial with tips & tricks (CLICK TO WATCH):


GrapVidity Package with BONUSES:

Green Farm:


The folks at Videoowide make these templates and are some of my favorite developers because of the innovative PowerPoint techniques they use such as Layouts.

Their tutorials could be better but overall there is a lot of value in their work especially if you leverage it to full advantage as I covered in the tutorial.


FREE SocioWide PowerPoint Video Template

This freebie comes from the Sociowide collection of social media “sized” video templates:

CHECK THEM ALL OUT with BONUSES ==> SocioWide + Bonuses

Here’s a sample video I created using the template:

Here’s the tutorial on how to make your own video:

And here’s the link to download the template ZIP file:

DOWNLOAD ==> Documentary Template

This template uses an interesting technique that we can leverage to control the speed that the slides advance. I really like that!


  • Lon Naylor


Kick Ass Video Ads Template Review

Here’s my review & tutorial of another set of PowerPoint video templates from Lucas Adamski and Angel Corman.

CHECK THEM OUT HERE ==> Kick Ass Video Ads

Of course, I’ve scored a FREEBIE for you! Just click the link below to download, save to your hard drive, Open the file, and then follow along with the tutorial to see how to modify it to make your own PowerPoint video:

DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE  (Right-click…Save Link As) ==> Grooming Man Template


Kick-Ass Video Ads features 60+ premium quality,
highly engaging Powerpoint video ads templates
that you can quickly edit and customize.

Inside you’ll find templates in these categories:

* Display Video Ads
* Square Video Ads
* Social Banner Video Ads
* Ad Assets Packs


  • Almost all of these templates seem pretty straightforward and easy to modify.
  • I particularly like the addition of the Ad Asset Packs which give you Copy / Paste assets you can use in any PowerPoint video project.
  • A very nice variety with LOTS of templates in different formats (widescreen and square)
  • The guys put together a basic tutorial that covers most aspects of the templates and it’s better than most of the tutorials for templates like these.
  • Unlike most template sets that give you NO idea of how to craft and effective message for the content of your video, the guys have put together a very decent 14 page report to help you write some good copy for the text of the templates!


Of course, the design is very good and typical of the GraphicsMystic crew.


  • As is typical with pretty much all PowerPoint templates, you can essentially forget about trying to adjust the timing of slides. They are what they are unless you are a true PPT ninja. If I want to adjust the durations of slides, I pull the Exported video into Camtasia and use the Extend Frame feature on slides to make things last longer…
  • No Developer Rights (use for client videos) in the Front-end offer. You have to get the Upsell for that but on the plus side, you get 30 more templates too.


OTO 1 ==> KAVA Elite Upgrade ($37)

  • Full Developer Rights to FE and OTO templates
  • 30+ Additional Templates

OTO 2 ==> KAVA Prime Reseller

  • You get reseller rights for 100% commissions when you sell KAVA Templates ($67)

I like to swipe slide elements and effects to use in other projects so I found a nice array of cool effects and slides in this package.

Overall, a good bunch of stuff at a very good price!

Questions or Comments? Leave them below. 😉


  • Lon Naylor

FREE Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video Template


OK…it’s official! I REALLY like the Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video & Resource Package!

Check it all out with my bonuses HERE ==> LEVIDIO V5 POWERPOINT TEMPLATES

But here’s something pretty cool:

I talked the guys at RootPixel (the Levidio creators) into giving us a FREE TEMPLATE to play with!


Save it to your hard drive and follow these simple instructions to modify your own awesome PowerPoint Slideshow Video:


What’s the catch? NO catch! Just download it and have fun!

Well OK…call it a cool “ethical bribe” but my guess is that once you see for yourself how easy it is to make a really sweet video with the Levidio templates, you might very well want more. 😉

Get a whole bunch of them (with more bonuses from me) HERE: LEVIDIO V5 POWERPOINT TEMPLATES

I also did a more complete REVIEW on this post for you to check out: Levidio 5 Review

Here are a couple more samples of the Levidio 5 templates I modified:


Hope you enjoy this template! Leave your questions, comments, and Share if you like.

Take care,

  • Lon Naylor

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Create Quick and Easy Videos Using PowerPoint

Click here to learn more about how you can quickly create videos that look amazing: PowerPoint Video Mastery


Levidio v5 PowerPoint Templates Review

PowerPoint! I love it! And not just because I’ve been using it since before it shipped to the public (as a Microsoft engineer in the early 90’s) but because it is an excellent tool for creating visual video content.

And what I REALLY love is that there are now lots of templates being created that let us create visually stunning videos (I’m talking ala Adobe After Effects) with just some simple modifications!

Levidio version 5 from RootPixel is a great example:

Check out Levidio with MY EXTRA BONUSES==> Levidio v5 PowerPoint Templates

Let’s get into some samples, tutorials, and my pros & cons of the product.


I was asked by the RootPixel guys to do a testimonial (if I liked the product of course!) and I thought I’d use one of the templates to do that!

Here’s another one that I created in a few minutes:


For the most part, these are very easy to modify and there’s a good variety of templates to choose from including InstaGram videos, advertising & banner videos,  and other PowerPoint graphics templates (like YouTube thumbnails).

The coolest thing is that the templates are designed to make it easy to modify elements by using things like SmartArt. You actually CAN get very usable results without a bunch of monkeying around.

There’s really not much else to say on the plus side…the animations are awesome.


As with any of these kinds of templates, there are some things to watch out for and things that aren’t deal-breakers but that I wish were better:

  1. Some images you use to modify the templates need to be certain sizes to work well i.e. either widescreen or tall. I wish there was a doc with each template outlining what the recommended dimensions are (and a list of how many you need).
  2. Timing is always an issue with these templates! If you want slides to stay on screen longer for example, there is no elegant way to do that because PowerPoint doesn’t have a real timeline. The solution is to Export the modified template as a video and use Camtasia to Extend Frames and/or Clip Speed at appropriate points.
  3. Levidio 5 comes with video tutorials and they are “OK” but…not quite as structured or complete as I would like and since English is not the guys first language, you’ll need to listen carefully and probably a couple of times…
  4. All the templates have an audio background music track. Great for slideshow or some kinds of promo videos but you can really make these useful by deleting the music icon and using narration to deliver your message. Add a low volume music background if you like in Camtasia.

I’ve done lots of tutorials in the past on using these kinds of templates. Here’s a list that includes other PowerPoint video products in addition to Levidio but that demonstrate certain techniques that you can use for any animated templates. There are even some FREE templates scattered in here::

  1. “How To Modify PowerPoint Templates”
  2. “Working With Levidio PowerPoint Templates”
  3. “2 Mistakes When Using PowerPoint Templates”
  4. “Using Innovative PowerPoint Templates For Video”


I like this package and can highly recommend Levidio v5:

==> Grab yours HERE during the Launch Special

  • Lon Naylor




How To Modify PowerPoint Video Templates

WOW…there a a bunch of new PowerPoint video templates from some really talented designers like Instavid and RootPixel coming out lately!

Complex and intricate animations and stunning special effects that will leave you asking, “This is PowerPoint??”

Check out == > Magic Video 3.0 PowerPoint Templates (with BONUSES!)

But how do you take the template and modify it with your own content keeping all that animation goodness intact?

Here’s a short tutorial with some top tips for modifying almost any of the new cool PowerPoint video templates:

This tutorial uses some of the new templates from the Magic Video v3.0 Package. Here are a few more samples I created in about 10 – 15 minutes each:

There are TONS of things you can do with templates like these in addition to modifying them as is. You can create single slide intos / outros, motion graphics, and even save individual elements as graphics (like the “filter” in the Parallax template) to use in Camtasia.

I’ll create a few more detailed tutorials covering how to do that and some more tips & tricks in future posts.

I mentioned in the video that trying to use the music tracks is tough. I mute the audio clips and add them in Camtasia afterwards.

Speaking of Camtasia, be aware that there is a known issue with MP4 videos Exported from PowerPoint and Camtasia version 9. They contain “glitches” or weird artifacts. My workaround is to Save As and Windows Media File (WMV) from PowerPoint and they seem OK in CS 9. The MP4’s from PPT work fine in Camtasia 8…go figure.

Also, the tutorials for Magic Video 3.0 are kinda weak but you can get the idea of how to edit the templates.



Free Levidio Transition Effect for Camtasia

Here’s a quick tutorial on using Levidio PowerPoint Templates and a way to leverage some of the sweet visual assets into components you can add to your Camtasia Library.

I love templates like this but there are some issues with how they are constructed (when it comes to creating videos with them). You just needs to know a few things and how to work around them…more on that in other posts. 😉

For now, this will give you an idea of what I’m talking about and some tactics & stuff you can use right away:

Step 1: OPTIONAL – Get Levidio 3.0 HERE:

Step 2: Grab your free Levidio Transition Template HERE:

Step 3: Grab your Camtasia Library asset HERE:

Step 4:

LIKE my PPTVideo Facebook Page to get the Registration links for the Bonus webinar workshops HERE:

Feel free to Comment with any questions!


– Lon Naylor