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How To Modify PowerPoint Video Templates

WOW…there a a bunch of new PowerPoint video templates from some really talented designers like Instavid and RootPixel coming out lately! Complex and intricate animations and stunning special effects that will leave you asking, “This is PowerPoint??” Check out == > Magic Video 3.0 PowerPoint Templates (with BONUSES!) But how do you take the template…

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Wizard Design Pro Review

  This week, I’m reviewing a bundle of design elements for PowerPoint called Wizard Design Pro. Check them out HERE: Wizard Design Pro. Let’s start off with a freebie to get our feet wet with these from the developer Arif  Chandra: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ==> FREE TEMPLATE Next, let’s dispense with the usual hype & nonsense of…

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Free Levidio Transition Effect for Camtasia

Here’s a quick tutorial on using Levidio PowerPoint Templates and a way to leverage some of the sweet visual assets into components you can add to your Camtasia Library. I love templates like this but there are some issues with how they are constructed (when it comes to creating videos with them). You just needs…

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