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FREE GrapVidty PowerPoint Video Template

Check out the BIG bundle of nice PowerPoint video templates in Grapvidty Studio Pro + some bonuses CLICK HERE ==> GRAPVIDTY with BONUSES Here’s a sample video I made using the FREE PowerPoint video template from GrapVidty that you can download below. Then, watch the tutorial to learn how to make your own!  Here’s…

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FREE PowerPoint Video Template

My good buddy Nelson Long over at SuperGood Products is one of my favorite PowerPoint video innovators. His video templates are always amazing for a variety of reasons and he is releasing a new set called: CHECK OUT ==> Majestic Templates v2.0 The cool part is: Nelson has agreed to let me give one of…

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FREE Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video Template

  OK…it’s official! I REALLY like the Levidio v5 PowerPoint Video & Resource Package! Check it all out with my bonuses HERE ==> LEVIDIO V5 POWERPOINT TEMPLATES But here’s something pretty cool: I talked the guys at RootPixel (the Levidio creators) into giving us a FREE TEMPLATE to play with! ==> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD…

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Levidio v5 PowerPoint Templates Review

PowerPoint! I love it! And not just because I’ve been using it since before it shipped to the public (as a Microsoft engineer in the early 90’s) but because it is an excellent tool for creating visual video content. And what I REALLY love is that there are now lots of templates being created that…

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Free Levidio Transition Effect for Camtasia

Here’s a quick tutorial on using Levidio PowerPoint Templates and a way to leverage some of the sweet visual assets into components you can add to your Camtasia Library. I love templates like this but there are some issues with how they are constructed (when it comes to creating videos with them). You just needs…

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PresenterMedia PowerPoint Integration Tool is Awesome

There are some tools and resources I use when making PowerPoint (and Camtasia) videos that would simply CRUSH me productivity-wise if I didn’t have them. At the top of that list is PresenterMedia. I know…I talk about it all the time but in this 8 minute mini-webinar, I talk about how PresenterMedia integrates directly into…

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